Sometimes affectionately called “Sadistic Fitness Barbie” around the studio, Instructor Chrissy started her pole journey back in October 2014. She had always been interested in dance but didn’t have the time to do it while growing up on a farm. When she lived in Hawaii she started to research different exercise places and pole was one of them that came up. She immediately wanted to try it but did not have the confidence to just go and give it a whirl. After moving back to Wisconsin, she finally decided to do something for herself and started researching again. Aerial Dance was the first pole studio to pop up on the search so she signed up for an Intro class. She fell in love before she even stepped in the studio. She was a student at Aerial Dance for just 7 months before she started Instructor Training and has been instructing for just over 3 years.
As a kid, she was always interested in learning dance but just didn’t have the time to dedicate to it. She got into lifting weights in 2011 and loved lifting heavy! In 2015 she became a personal trainer and worked at a gym as a manager. “It was a great experience learning how to help different people reach their goals.”
Chrissy’s favorite apparatus is Pole. She loves the challenge that comes along with it and lifting her body. Her favorite pole move a shoulder mount, favorite spin is an aerial figure skater, and favorite sequence is anything that involves a superman to a shoulder mount. She loves all the strength moves! While strength moves are her biggest strength, her weakness is her flexibility. She says her nemesis moves are most of the flexibility moves. The current move she is working on most is Fonji. She is determined to get this move and works very hard to achieve this goal. She recommends that students struggling in their journey start writing down some of their own goals. Break those goals into a realistic time frame. “If you try to just focus on one move and not everything that goes into it, it will take longer to reach it usually. Have goals that are geared towards you and your strengths.” She says that to everyone on their pole journey, but especially new girls should just have fun and let you be you!
As an instructor, Chrissy loves to teach all the classes Aerial Dance offers. She loves variety when it comes to learning and working out. When she takes classes as a student, she loves her pole classes because Pole was her first love of the aerial arts. One reward of being an instructor at Aerial Dance that she did not expect is the community of women who always have her back, both the instructors and students! “We have something truly special at Aerial Dance and I couldn’t ask for a more supportive group of women in my life.” She says one of the best things to ever happen to her at the studio was that she’s gained some absolutely amazing friends.
Chrissy is a full time manager and instructor with Aerial Dance and recently moved to Appleton. She is currently dating an amazing guy who supports her crazy ideas and goals and is helping her reach them. She has 2 cats – Diesel, who she brought from Hawaii (she calls him her grumpy old man cat) and Lil Shit (aka Otto or Lil S) who is her cuddly lil guy. She loves hiking and being outdoors when its nice out and she also enjoys sewing. Chrissy has been sewing since she was 5 and did bridal alterations for a couple years when she was in high school. Her favorite food is any kind of breakfast food but especially doughnuts. Her favorite color is green and she loves the smell of fresh cut hay. A true Wisconsinite, her favorite animal is cows! She loves the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella movie from 1965. Her favorite flower is the cala lily and Chrissy loves to laugh. She loves finding joy in every moment of her life.