In June 2015, Instructor Alison was talking with some friends about taking some pole classes at Aerial Dance, but she was the only one to follow through. However, initially she had more interest in the hammock than pole so she started her journey with the aerial apparatus and gradually worked into pole. She first fell in love with silks. She loved the puzzle of the twists and turns it takes to turn into beautiful poses. She is still amazed when she learns new tricks on silks. As a student, some of her favorite classes to take are Pole and Floor Flow. She loves to learn to dance with the styles of the other instructors and exploring new ways to move. Everyone thinks of and sees moves and sequences differently and she loves to celebrate everyone’s unique talents. She began instructing at Aerial Dance in March of 2018 and loves having the opportunity to share an enjoyable way to stay and healthy.
For students who have plateaued and are struggling at a higher level of pole she says that it’s a great idea to share your goals with your pole sisters and instructors. Your instructors can help with the step or progressions a move needs, as well as conditioning that can help get you there. Your pole sisters can be there to encourage you and hold you accountable when you’re feeling frustrated. Also, sometimes it’s good to have a few goals because some moves just need a break. If she starts getting frustrated with a strength move on pole, she’ll take a break and work on a spin or floor sequence. If she feels like she hits a plateau in hoop, maybe she needs to take a break from those classes and work that strength in hammock instead.
Alison loves that Aerial Dance has more recently been finding ways for students to perform. Because of this, there are so many ways to just dip your toe into performing before putting time and effort into something like competing. She recommends that, if performing is on your mind, you should come to a more low-key community event, like Bazaar After Dark. It’s a great way to “play,” but do it in public. If you find you like the adrenalin rush of being in the spotlight, sign up for the Christmas show or a competition! She says, “shows and competitions are a lot of work, but the reward of sharing your passion is worth every second.”
Outside of the studio she is a General and Choral Music teacher for 5th and 6th graders. She loves board games, reading, TV, camping, and exploring restaurants and breweries, often with her husband. Her favorite color is purple, and she loves giraffes, pie and sunflowers. Her top five favorite movies are Big Fish, Shawshank Redemption, High Fidelity, I Love You Man, and all of the Harry Potter series.