Master the basics.
I don’t think you’ll find an aerial instructor at any studio that would disagree with this! It’s fun to learn new things and try new tricks. But, if you try the new stuff without solidifying your basic skills, you’re more likely to fail. I’m not discouraging you! I just cannot stress enough how important the basics are.
When I meet beginner students in practice, some seem ashamed that they’re beginners. I let them know that we’ve all been there and we all have to start somewhere. Never be ashamed that you’re a beginner! You found the courage and motivation to start your aerial arts journey, and that’s a big step! The material beginners work on is some of the most important material in the whole curriculum. You need to master quite a bit of that material before you can successfully perform the advanced material. There’s not a single curriculum, in my opinion, that’s more important. So, if you’re a beginner, give yourself some credit and keep on spinning!
Returning has reminded me how important basics are. The Fireman, the Front Hook, and the Back Hook are three basic spins that one learns and (hopefully) masters in Beginner classes.

First practice back-

BEFORE First Practice Back (1st Wk of August

Practice--last week of August

NOW (Last wk of August)

Definitely a difference between these two photos! My “now” photo shows more strength–my back is straight and there’s a right angle in my legs. I would say that I look more engaged overall. The only reason I’m not smiling is because I’m trying to watch myself in the mirror behind the person taking the picture. 🙂

NOW (Last Wk of August)

Breanna - Front Hook

BEFORE First Practice (First Wk of August)

You know all that self-praise from the last set of pictures? Yeah…. not happening here. I certainly see improvements between “Before” and “Now,” but it’s definitely not a spin I’ve perfected. In fact, I would venture to say that my form might be worse in the “Now” picture! In both, I’m hooking my foot–cheating! This happens. You will have those moves that you don’t care for and aren’t the greatest at. Front hook is one of those for me. It took me a long time, when I started pole, to perfect my front hook. It’s going to take me quite a bit of time and focused work to get it back to what it should be!
Back Hook

Back Hook

I realized now that I don’t have any “before” pictures for this move-my bad! Almost any time that I touch my pole at home, I’m doing this spin. Even while I was gone from the studio, I practiced this spin. It is my favorite, and I will choose it over a Front Hook any day. It looks harmless and unassuming, but you can use it for a few things!
Take it from me: You’ll learn all sort of fun tricks and spins, but never let your basics falter!