As the seasons change, the temperature fluctuates, and humidity levels are completely unpredictable, many of us find ourselves attempting to climb to the top of the pole only to slide down halfway, finding our efforts futile. Some have favorite grips that we’ve selected over years of testing and experience. Some are still new to the concept of grip aids and haven’t played with them at all.
Are you thinking about buying a grip aid to help you soar and climb to new heights? Are you looking at all the options on the shelf behind the desk, unsure of which grip to buy? Did you know that Aerial Dance has a collection of grip samples behind the desk that you can try during your classes? Next time you’re at the studio ask your instructor to try a grip aid and they will pull out the basket of samples for you. I recommend that you spread them out over your next 3-5 classes or practices. Also, you should note that because we are women, our body chemistry changes at different times of the month, so what works great one day may not be fantastic two weeks later. Today I’m going to share with you some different types of grips and which ones are my favorite.
First up is Girly Grip. This grip aid comes in a bottle with a pink label it is a liquid chalk grip which you squirt on your hands and then it dries and absorbs sweat on your skin. It leaves your hands feeling dry and leaves a slightly chalky coating on the pole as you grip, regrip, and position yourself. It works great to absorb moisture currently present on your skin, but does not prevent further moisture accumulation.
Next is Grip Stick. It comes in a small, white container similar to a very small deodorant stick. You screw the bottom and more comes out the top. You then spread it on your hands similar to chapstick. This grip aid is a slightly waxy and sticky substance. It sticks to both the pole and your hand and leaves a residue on both to adhere together.
Third grip on the list is Dry Hands. This grip is extremely similar to Girlie Grip in that it is a squeeze bottle of a chalky like liquid. You squirt a small amount on your hands, rub together until they dry, and then grab the pole. This grip is formulated to work with multiple sports such as baseball, tennis, football, gymnastics and even weight lifting. Because it is not specific to pole the composition is a slightly different consistency than Girlie Grip.
A fourth option (and my favorite of the options Aerial Dance offers) is the LupitPole. This grip aid is such a neat design! It is a two sided pad filled with a chalky substance with one side to clean and grip up the pole and the other side to grip up your skin. It works on any metal pole and comes with a nice storage pouch to keep the chalk from getting all over your pole bag.
The last option Aerial Dance offers is Tite Grip. Like Dry Hands, this grip was designed for multiple sports and is not pole specific, so, it has versatility. Unlike any of the others, this grip needs to be put on 30-60 minutes before sport so it has time to dry and prevent perspiration. It is classified as a topical antiperspirant hand lotion so the consistency and application are very unique for this grip aid.
I will also mention one more grip aid that Aerial Dance does not sell. I mention it because so many girls at the studio have it and you’ve probably seen it around. Heel to Toe Peppermint Sloughing Lotion works really well for me in winter or if I forget I have pole class and shave my legs in the morning. It sloughs off that top layer of dry skin (or shave moisturizer) and leaves the new grippy skin to stick to the pole.
So, there you go! I hope this was helpful for you as you look to climb higher or pull off that new trick. Be sure to take a few classes or practices to try them out and see how they work for your skin and pole level. Happy flying!!!