Aerial Dance would like to give a warm welcome to Instructor in Training Lynn! As many of you know, Lynn has been training to become an instructor for quite some time now. It is with great pleasure that I help you get to know her a little better.
Instructor in Training Lynn grew up in the small town of Mattoon near Bowler. She grew up on a farm and is no stranger to hard work. As child she didn’t have much time for extra curricular activities, because there were always chores to be down. Her one escape from the farm was taking dance lesson. She had taken dance lesson for about 20 years. She took ballet, tap, and jazz. As Lynn got old her hard work ethic followed her. She has been known to hold multiple jobs at a time.
While attending college at University of Wisconsin Stevenspoint, Lynn worked full time. On the weekends she would return home to help on the farm. She cleaned houses, she was an associate at Victoria Secret, she was also a life guard, as well as the assistant manager at the library. Talk about a busy person and she still managed to complete school in three years! WOW! After graduating college with a degree in general studies with an emphasis in business, Lynn got a job at American Family Insurance. She is still currently employed with American Family Insurance working in Wausau! I don’t know if many of you know this, but many if not all of the instructors travel far to teach us at Aerial Dance!
As Lynn’s career began, she got married and worked a lot. She stopped dancing. After some time, she realized how much she missed dancing, but was conflicted with being away from her husband even more. Lynn then asked her husband how he felt about ballroom dancing. His reply was, “Sign us up.” (Not going to lie, I am hoping to find that special someone who will take ballroom with me.) They began by taking causal lessons once a week. After taking lessons for awhile Lynn and her husband began to compete, which eventually lead to Lynn dancing with a professional and competing with the pro’s. GO LYNN!  Lynn’s dance background was helpful some, but ballroom is all about technique!
So how is it that we at Aerial Dance were lucky enough to land such a talented instructor to be? Well, we can thank Instructor Chrissy for showing her the way. Lynn and Instructor Chrissy knew each other previous to Aerial Dance. Lynn saw the amazing pictures that Instructor Chrissy would post online. Seeing Chrissy’s success sparked Lynn to do some research about Aerial Fitness and was ready to give it a try! She approached her husband with the idea of giving it a try for eight weeks. He looked at Lynn and told her that it wasn’t only going to be eight weeks, because he knows that if she does something she must to it well. I will agree with her husband here! Lynn is amazing at all she does because she is dedicated and works hard to reach her goals!
Like many of us Lynn started out going to Aerial Dance once a week and then it snowballed from there. As her love the Aerial Arts grew, Lynn approached Paula the owner of Aerial Dance telling her that if the opportunity were ever available she would love to become an instructor. Lynn has now been at Aerial Dance for a little over a year and a half and is transforming into a great instructor. Lynn is the in final process of earning a personal trainer certification, she will be testing soon. After completing her certification Lynn plans to obtain a Silks certification from a another training facility.
As instructor I asked Instructor in Training Lynn what she felt were some key things that students should work on. Lynn feels that it is extremely important for students to work on their flexibility. For Lynn her hamstrings are really tight, she frequently does stretches making sure to do PF to work on her active flexibility.

20170312_183040 (1)

This is one of Instructor in Training Lynn’s favorite hamstring stretches. Notice how she keeps her back as flat as possible trying not to round.

The second thing that Instructor in Training Lynn thinks is really important is to work on aerial transitions. These transitions are key when creating and executing routines. One of Lynn’s the transitions Lynn really feels strongly about is a Fireman Climb to Chopper. I am guilty as charged. I am still struggling hard to be able to do a Fireman Climb to Chopper. I have been practicing and have made some progress, but I’d like to see more.

As Lynn continues her journey in the Aerial Arts she has goals that she is continuing to work towards. She is constantly working on her skills with all three Aerial apparatuses. The biggest goal Lynn has set for herself is to compete in pole. After things settle down in her training to become and instructor she plans to set her mind to work on writing a routine! Lynn is also working on the pole move Cocoon, it is one of her nemesis moves.  The flexibility portion of the move is what she is struggling with. She has been working on this move with Instructor Leah. It always blows my mind to hear that our amazing instructors have nemesis move took!!!  We are so excited to have Instructor in Training Lynn join the instructor team at Aerial Dance! I look forward to having her as one of my instructors!!!!!
Until next time!