In a few weeks, my Christmas Show routine practices will begin! It is hard to believe that we are already at this point in 2019! I know that many have already begun preparing or even practicing!

I get asked a lot of questions about the Christmas Show from ladies at the studio who have been there a long time and from others that are brand new. The most common question is why do you perform in the Christmas Show? Isn’t it scary? My why is not same as every ladies at the studio, but I try to be as honest as I can be. I share with them that at first the idea of performing in front of an audience is terrifying! BUT! You practice and work with your instructor to make your routine to be magical!

Christmas Show #1

Another common thing I hear around Christmas show registration is, “Oh….. I’m only a beginner. There is no way I am good enough for the show….” THAT IS SO WRONG!!!!! Every single lady who steps into Aerial Dance is “good enough”! You are beautiful! You are strong! SHOW IT OFF!

Christmas Show #2

My biggest regret is not performing in the Christmas Show my first year at Aerial Dance. It is something I think about often when the Christmas Show comes around. I still kick myself! When I was just a baby poler I let myself get in the way of the magical experience of the Christmas Show. If I could rewind, I would sign up my first year in heart beat!

Why I Continue to Choose to be in the Christmas Show!

Aerial Dance has always been my safe place. It is a place that I can walk into and not be judged for who I am as person or for my aerial skills. AND! People are actually happy to see you!

The Christmas Show is a beautiful opportunity to work closely with your pole/aerial sisters to strengthen or build new relationships. It is not a contest of who is the best. It is a celebration of all our hard work and sharing that hard work with those that we love.

Being part of the Christmas is so much more than a performance. It is a chance to work as group and be part of a team. Science has proven the benefits from working as group. These groups though, are more near and dear to our hearts than group/teamwork from our pasts. This is a sport that we already love so much, with people we care about. We support each other and lift one another up! Another thing to consider when deciding to be part of the Christmas show is sharing your love of pole and aerial with others.

When we think about how often friends and family actually get to experience the beauty of the aerial arts it is slim to none. This show is our opportunity show the world just how amazing we are and our studio is! If you shied away from the Christmas Show this year, I highly encourage you to go and see it. It is truly amazing!

Christmas Show #3