Having friends around to support each other is definitely one of the best feelings in the world. Whether it be you know each other since you were kids, before, or after high school. Even if you knew each other for months. No matter the length of the relationship, strong friendships are worth keeping around. That’s how I feel about the friendships I have made at Aerial Dance!

There are two ladies in particular I can think of, they were with my sister and I since the beginning. Unfortunately one does not go to the studio anymore due to a wonderful career change. The other one just goes to the Green Bay studio, but we see her every once in a while. We have been through it all together. From dancing our beginner routine to the song Pony by Genuine, to writing and dancing our first showcase together! All the way to advanced 1 pole! I’ve never been so proud of each and every one’s journey. Though we don’t see one of the four at the studio, we do continue to catch up every once in awhile. Obviously our lives outside of the studio tend to get busy, but we try to find time to meet up. Whether it’s celebrating our pole anniversary or just catching up. When we reached our first pole anniversary we decided to take a class together, and then decided to go out for dinner and drinks. Any aerial related event that happened in the area you bet we were there! One of our favorite events was when we went to that Paranormal Cirque show that was in Green Bay, talk about an awesome show! Every once in awhile meet up at a coffee shop or grab dinner, whatever it was we always had a great time.

Earlier this year we celebrated out two year pole anniversary! Crazy to think it’s been that long but our relationship is still as strong as ever. For our second year we decided to go out for sushi and who wouldn’t like that? Got to talking and found out that one of them recently got engaged! We were all excited for the her and of course knowing us, we had to throw a pole party! When we got into planning we picked a date and theme. We went with the burlesque theme and it was perfect. Even better when we found out who the instructor was! We got Instructor Amanda, she was our very first instructor when we started back in beginner. That made the night very special and even took us back to the beginner Pony routine, so we could all dance that routine together for the last time. Who knows maybe it might not be, but it was a lot of fun to revisit that. We even tried to revisit out first show case routine, that didn’t go so well because we never really got a full video of that unfortunately, but it was funny to see us even try to remember it! I feel really lucky to have these ladies in my life. I actually just recently saw them and it was nice to catch up. We may not talk or see each other every single day, but when we all get together it’s like time hasn’t even gone by. I think it’s very special that we all still continue this pole sisterhood bond. I’m sure we are not the only ones who have the group of girls they started day one with and keep in contact. It’s also always nice to see all the women who go to the studio, from new to familiar faces! The overall environment is the best place to make great friendships.