Flash Fun Workouts are a new Facebook Live activity to break up the day while we are all practicing social distancing

Things I have learned from in my first week of doing this:
·       How to rotate the view of the video so I am not dancing outside of the frame of the camera.
·       The wind is a little loud if I video outside. Guess that is why the pro’s have wind screens on their microphones!
·       My phone has to be on “do not disturb”. Getting a text notification while recording isn’t good!
·       It’s easier with a DJ. I recorded my first Flash Fun Workout by myself and I’ll never do that again if I can help it. I hated running in and out of the frame. I much rather prefer saying “hit it DJ”.
·       It’s just easier to keep the living room arranged for doing a workout instead moving everything around each time I record a new Flash Fun Workout.
·       Lighting – I want as much as possible. So, open up those drapes and turn on the lights!
·       The music must be at an appropriate sound level to not get flagged by Facebook and muted. Because of this, the music volume will be kept low during the video. So feel free to put the recommended song on yourself (or any song of your choice), turn it up, and just keep moving.
·       Coordinating it all can be difficult, so if I’m looking a little disheveled, please forgive me. As I’m working from home for KC, meetings and work are always getting bounced around and sometimes I only have a short window to change, shoot a Flash Fun Workout (& reshoot it if Facebook mutes it for song copyright!), eat, and get back to my home office.
·       But on the flip side, doing the Flash Fun Workout during the day is the bomb diggity! I always feel awesome after taking that break to mentally disconnect from the world and move my body. I feel less stressed when I return to work and my body is definitely more awake and limber afterwards.  So please join me and the other instructors for Flash Fun to reenergize during your day!!