I was opposed to doing a pole class because I hadn’t done many fitness things in the past. I was worried I wouldn’t be fit enough to do a class. I was also worried that my body size would affect the way I did things in pole. Due to these two things, I put off doing pole for many years. One day, a friend of mine explained to me how empowering the pole was for them and how much more confidence they gained while they did their classes. After a little bit of thinking, I decided to look into studios that were around me. There weren’t any located in Fond Du Lac and one of the top searches showed Aerial Dance located in Appleton. After looking at reviews for Aerial Dance, I decided to reach out to them.

The people I first talked to were very polite and helpful. They quickly were able to set me up with the beginner pole classes. Setting them up to work with my schedule was very easy because Aerial Dance has multiple sessions for each class. This made things very easy as I just chose the class that worked best fit my work schedule and personal life schedule. Once I made the jump to pick a class, my nerves really got high. I was nervous that I wouldn’t do well and that my body would prevent me from doing certain moves.

When it came time for my first class, I wore the appropriate attire, which wasn’t helping my nerves as I felt a person of my size shouldn’t wear tight clothes or even short shorts. I entered the Dance studio, my nerves still racing, the person who greeted me was very welcoming. I put my coat and shoes away before entering the Dance studio. My nerves went wild as I started to compare with other students in terms of body sizes. Once the class started, I felt more at ease. The instructor was very nice and was also very enthusiastic. She would tell each of us we were doing good and even took time to help us better get the moves down. Once things got rolling, it become very easy to get absorbed into what was going on. It was really nice that the instructor would show us different ways to complete a move if the original way didn’t quite work for us. Overall, my impressions of the first class was amazing!

Try pole exercise for yourself! Come to Intro to Pole— a one-time, trial class!