I had always wanted to try Aerial Yoga, but never had the time to try it. It has always been offered at the gym here in Fond Du Lac, but the timing never worked for me. I was a little nervous to try the class at first. Afraid again that my body would make it difficult to do the poses or that I was too heavy for the hammock to hold me.

After a little bit of time thinking, I finally decided to try the Aerial Yoga class at the Appleton location. I wasn’t really sure what to think going into this class as I had never done this type of class before and didn’t really know all of what was entailed in the class. I was still nervous as I walked into the class, still worried that my body would just get in the way.

However, the instructor was very nice and her voice was so soft and soothing. This helped me get more relaxed in the class. The lights were very dim and the air was at a perfect temperature. We started with some pretty basic moves that helped me feel at ease about joining this particular class. The moves helped make my body feel more relaxed and comfortable.

When it came time to do an inversion and just hang there calmly, I got very nervous. I had never been in an inversion before let alone in a hammock. I was afraid that my weight wouldn’t be held by the rig. However, the instructor was very nice and encouraging to us, so I thought I would give it a try. I sat in the fabric and then slowly got myself to the inverted position. It felt so good to actually complete this position and all my nervousness went away once I was in that position.

After the inversion, we went to lighter stretches to get things more relaxed and comfortable. The final thing we did was to lay fully encased into the hammock and to just take deep breaths and relax. This part was so comforting and felt right to do. Overall, my experience with Aerial Yoga at Aerial Dance was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better time. I hope that sometime in the near future I can go again to another Aerial Yoga class. I hope to expand into other Aerial classes one day as well. 

Join us for Aerial Yoga at Aerial Dance Appleton and Aerial Dance Green Bay!