When I was a still a student at Aerial Dance, I developed a fun weekend ritual. I would wake up early on a Saturday morning, make myself some oatmeal and a giant pot of coffee, and settle into the couch for a phone binge session. On YouTube and/or Instagram, I’d consume hours of pole videos; professional performances, competition routines, and clips of tricks and combos. It would inspire and motivate me and afterwards, I’d grab my gym bag and head to the studio for open pole/aerial practice. 

While I most often wasn’t even close to the skill level of the dancers in the videos I’d watch, I enjoyed taking the inspiration with me to the studio. Envisioning Anastasia’s toe point, Oona’s fierce glare, and Maddie’s hair whips made the things I could practice way more fun. 

Here are a few of my very favorite and inspiring pole performances I’ve found on YouTube that have made a lasting impact on me over the years:

Oona’s resting B face

Jenyne Butterfly’s yogini (and everything else!)

A rainbow mar-WHAT-o? Anastasia’s lyrical performance

An emotional doubles piece by Sergia and Brandon

The splittiest splits from Maddie Sparkle

*Disclaimer: my love for finding inspiration online did eventually lead to a moderate addiction to social media, so I had to make some changes in my habits to ensure a healthy mindset and balance. However, I still allow myself one hour on Saturday mornings to draw inspiration from my pole idols. I encourage you to explore and discover new dancers who inspire you as well. Go down the rabbit hole and learn about dancers who inspire and amaze you! Just make sure you set a time limit as it’s very easy to get carried away.