Getting From There to Here

Each instructor at Aerial Dance has a unique story of how their journey brought them to the studio. I am fortunate enough to share with you Instructor in Training Amanda’s story!
Amanda was born north of Kansas City. At a young age Amanda’s father got a new job here in Wisconsin and they moved to WI. She grew up in Lake Mills. At a young age Amanda had a love of dance. She danced from the age of four into middle school until the dance studio in her town closed. her father was not able to take her to classes in Madison, so Amanda’s dance career was put on hold. Once Amanda got her license, she drove herself to dance class in Madison.
Going into high school, she knew she wanted to continue to dance, but her school did not have a dance team. She got together with two of her friends and they created the dance team for their school. After the first year more girls became interested in the dance team and it became a sport at there school!


Amanda went to UW Milwaukee. She graduated with a degree in Global Studies and global communication was the track for her program. She a minored in Spanish and also obtained a certification in Middle Eastern and North African Studies. During her time at UWM, she met her husband Jeff and she studied abroad in Spain. Her dream goal was to join the Peace Core, but she had encounter a person who shared with her some down falls of the Peace Core and decided not to join. Instead she headed back to Spain to teach English. She was able to work with her six month visa by teaching in schools as they were run by the government. While she was in Spain the recession hit, which took a huge toll on the Spanish economy. The government didn’t have any money for education which led to Amanda not being paid. Sadly her time in Spain had to come to an end.

Moving to Appleton

When she came home, she moved to Appleton to be with Jeff. His family lives in the Appleton area. Amanda and Jeff moved into a little apartment on the north side of Appleton. Once in Appleton, Amanda became a bilingual banker. She held that position for three and half years. Gradually she realized she hated it and decided to start her own free lance translating/interpenetrating business. Through her business she helped people apply for jobs, translate mail, and apply for apartments/mortgages. As time went on, she found that many of her clients had tragic stories and felt guilty taking money from people who are already in a difficult situation. While phasing out her translating business she worked at The Bar and Leg Lamp. After applying many different jobs, she found a position at SECURA, where she is still currently employed.

A New Journey

For the many years that Amanda lived in Appleton it never felt like home. He husband had many hobbies and had his friend base form growing up in Appleton. With the transition from working at The Bar to a desk job a SECURA, she was feeling sluggish and not happy with herself. Trying to lift her sprites Jeff told her she needed to find a hobby. Amanda’s friend knew that she had a love of dance and turned her onto Jazzercise. The closest classes were in Green Bay. Amanda was not interested in traveling that distance in the winter or making that long drive after work.
While googling dance classes in Appleton, she stumbled upon Aerial Dance. She researched the studio and made the decision to give it try. After her first class her nemesis move was a Tuck. During practice Amanda saw the advanced girls inverting and she was so mad that she couldn’t even do a Corkscrew. That afternoon she went home to Jeff complaining and upset that she would never be good enough. He told her flat out. You have two choices. Stick it out or Quit. Thankfully for us she chose to stick it out!
Not long after beginning pole, she bought a five pack of classes. Bendy Babe was one of her favorites. After a hammock fit class, she was hooked and became an Aerial Member. It is funny how that cycle goes isn’t? No matter which person I talk to, there story seems to be the same.  Get started in one aerial class and it’s all down hill from there. Amanda’s  love of pole has taken her on many different journeys from performing the Christmas Show to competitions. She is now onto the most exciting part of her aerial journey to become an instructor.
By finding Aerial Dance, Amanda was able to find a special place to call her own. She finally found a place that made Appleton feel like home. Amanda has a kind warm heart that she puts into everything she does. She is her own worse critic (as many women are), but is everyone else’s biggest cheerleader. Her positivity is infectious! Amanda’s dedication and drive is inspiring. I am so excited to have her as an instructor in the future!

Until Next Time