Aerial Dance is my third pole studio. My third studio with different instructors, different students, different curriculum, and different names. I trained at my first studio for one year before studying abroad, where I was fortunate enough to find a studio nearby my apartment. I trained with Angelica for a year, adjusting to 45mm spinning poles instead of the 50mm static ones to which I was accustomed. After I returned to the States, I trained at my home studio for another two years, though with mostly new instructors. Finally, I made it to Aerial Dance, which has involved another transition back to 45mm spinning poles, new instructors, new class structure, and new peers.

The differences between each of these three experiences are enormous. Some of the biggest ones that stand out to me are the different studio set-ups, differences in instructor emphasis on dance/athleticism/eroticism, the opportunity for performance, and the locker room style changing methods at one studio. However, the most important things have stayed the same: my fellow students have always supported me and each other, and instructors always want the best for their students.

Even though with the new term I’ll be learning new names for the same moves (which can’t be any more difficult than learning the “Kate Moss” or the gemelli), I know that I can find a community within Aerial Dance. I’m excited to get started.