February is one of my favorite months for two reasons! One being that we are one month closer to spring! The second being that Aerial Dance celebrates LOVE all month long! I am not talking about the cheesy Valentine’s Day love. I am talking about digging deep within to find how to love ourselves!

You may think that it is silly, but each February Aerial Dance would have a “Self Love Bingo Challenge”. On the bingo cards there were a number of squares, but each square focused on some form of self love/care. A square may have a focus of physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental self love/care activity. Personally one of my favorite squares was buy yourself flowers. How many of you can agree that you spend most of your time wishing you had a person to buy you flowers! Insert an emoji of a person raising their hand.

Like many, I grew up in a world where it wasn’t okay to do nice things for yourself, something even as simple as buying flowers, made me feel guilty. With Aerial Dance’s month of LOVE it really taught me how to strike down social norms. It taught me that not only should I do things for myself, but it was necessary!

It was necessary for me to exercise, to appreciate myself, but most of all take care of my mental and emotional health. In my life I wear many hats, which makes it easy for me to lose who I am along the way. Each February Aerial Dance helps me to refocus my attention to myself and my needs. Self love is difficult, it doesn’t happen overnight, it is something we work at each and everyday. Aerial Dance is a great place to help you get started on your self love/care journey if you were like me and didn’t know where to start!