Whilst searching social media for inspiration, I came across this beautiful photo with the caption “Milan Pole Dance Studio – Ghada Rossi loves relaxing on the pole”
how is this relaxing
I greatly disagree with the caption.
Relaxing? I think not. There is a reason this woman’s face is turned away from the camera. It is not to be sultry and mysterious. No-sir-ee-bob. Her face is likely contorted in pain.  We certainly want our photos to make our moves look effortless and indeed relaxing. If we advertised the pain, who would sign up? Pole is not for the faint of heart!
Another thing that baffles me about this photo is how she’s even staying up there! I think she might have a knee-pit grip with her left leg,and it looks like her flexed right foot is probably a sticking point. Otherwise, she’s just pinching that pole between her shin and her knee. How does she get into that? How does she manage to make it look so simple and sultry?
There’s something else you need to know: she’s holding that pose for perhaps a whole minute with someone yelling at her to point her toes, arch, turn, whatever you can imagine. A minute may not seem long, but it’s an eternity when you’re upside down and in excruciating pain. She did not just jump up there and BOOM have that beautiful pose. That just does not happen.
I’m not trying to be mean–I actually really love this photo! I just have a greater appreciation for it than I would have had 4 years ago. I now know how much work it takes just to capture this moment. The years of blood, sweat, and tears that she had to go through just to reach the skill level to execute this move, the pain of holding a pose for a photo, and the gratification of capturing such a moment— I can empathize with all of that! It’s all that hard work paying off–captured in a snapshot.