Starting a new sport is hard and a takes lot of work.  We want to be good at the sport right away.  News flash, if one could master a sport in just a few lessons, it wouldn’t be a sport.  The art of aerial takes things to a whole new level.  One needs to develop their body strength, body awareness and understand where grip and engagement comes from in order to properly fly through the air.  This takes a lot of time and practice to develop these skills.  One thing that I love about our program at Aerial Dance, is our classes are sequential and structured to ensure each student can develop the skills they need to move onto the next level and be successful.

When I first started pole it was amazing for me to see all the students that were further along in their pole journey.  It was fun to watch the intermediate students climb the pole, it was exciting to watch the advanced girls go upside down and it was thrilling to see the extreme girls do crazy tricks.  Watching someone further along in the process made me want more.  Wanting more and to improve is a good thing but we need to realize it’s a process and it doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes months and years to develop, that is why it’s so important to fall in love with the journey. 

It’s not about learning a new move every time you come to class.  It’s about getting stronger and creating more body awareness by doing moves multiple times.  It’s about being excited with where you are at in your aerial journey and not compare your aerial journey to someone else’s journey.  There might be times when you hit a plateau, but you need to keep moving forward and showing up to break through the plateau.  Remember, we are like snowflakes, we are all unique and special; we should not compare our journey with anyone except for who we were yesterday.  Fall in love with your journey and love your body for what it can do.