New Extreme Curriculum

I cannot being to tell all of you how amazed I am at the new Extreme and Advanced Two classes! I know that transition can be hard! New cards, new layout of class, but it is all to benefit us! THE STUDENTS! Girls are rapidly growing in strength and ability. We as students are changing and are more extreme than students of Aerial Dance’s past. Our studio is constantly growing and changing to meet us at our levels! Because after all we are bada$$es!

In years prior, static pole was strictly a workshop, now it is incorporated into every class! This is due to high volume of students with the passion to compete. Another change was they took some of the more basic Extreme moves and bumped them to Advanced Two. In my own opinion this was a genius idea! Transitioning some moves to Advanced Two, helps cushion the blow that is Extreme. It takes a little of the fear and uncertainty out of leveling up.

How has this change in curriculum personally helped me? Well! Let me tell you! I am going to be real with you for a moment. There was a point recently, in my pole journey that I felt like I was drowning. Every time I walked in the doors at the studio for my pole class I thought to myself, ” Great, here we go….. another night of failure.” Most of that is on me, and not taking care of my own self, but they were true feelings. The revamp of Extreme helped with extracting most of those feelings.

Now when I walk into class I don’t instantly feel defeated. The biggest change I noticed is, the Advanced Two curriculum is no longer a one and done. You consistantly work on Advanced Two moves/tricks/combos along with incorporating new Extreme ones. There is more of a structure and flow to class with longer combos to continue to build stamina. I absolutely love all the components that the new Extreme curriculum has to offer!