When you come to Aerial Dance, you may initially do so for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you want to try something new, or you’ve heard pole and aerial are great workouts, or maybe you have a friend who goes there and you want to see what the fuss is all about.  When I first stepped foot into Aerial Dance, I was there for reasons one and two on my list.  I was looking for something new and different to try and I was in search of a great workout.  I was in luck because Aerial Dance provided me with both, I was certainly not to be disappointed, but it was the things I had not anticipated that kept me coming back more and more as a student and keeps me coming back as an instructor.  

My aerial journey is one of evolution, as I believe most of our aerial journeys, and journeys in general are, if we allow them to be.  My aerial journey has been an evolution of myself as a person and aerialist, of Aerial Dance itself, and of an amazing sisterhood and support system I’ve gained along the way.  You quickly realize, as you walk through the doors of Aerial Dance, that something is different.  There is an almost tangible energy that permeates the studios.  As you begin interacting with the students and instructors, you realize that energy is radiating from each of the lovely humans you encounter.  The most wonderful part, they want to share their sparkly unicorn energy with you.  The women of Aerial Dance want to support you through your aerial journey as much as they want to support you through life’s ups, downs, and everyday things.  You may find, as I did, that your evolution to becoming one of these positive energy radiating, sparkly unicorns happens to you very quickly.  You may also find that you want to be around this awesome sisterhood of positivity and support more and more, and that you want to share your awesome energy, too.  

Aerial Dance might front as just a dance studio or fitness studio, but all of the most magical and fabulous places seem ordinary from the outside looking in.  Aerial Dance is a sisterhood of strong, beautiful, empowered and empowering women.  We support each other through life, conquering fears, great accomplishment, and awesome workouts.  Many of us feel that we stumbled upon a magical happy place here, and you would be correct, but don’t be fooled.  It is the people that you meet and the connections you will make that truly create the sparkly magic that is Aerial Dance.