Eight seconds of courage. 
That’s all it takes to change your life. I’m not kidding. I’ve tried it. It works.
This is not a phrase that I knew, nor even applied until a couple weeks ago.  I started a new business venture at the end of May. I was both scared and excited.  In order to meet new potential customers, I have to make contact with spectacular women and schedule a meeting with them. Seems simple enough, right?
Well, it is pretty simple concept actually, but I was scared to even try it. My mentor has kept on coaching, and she loves to remind me that “it just takes 8 seconds of courage.” It got me thinking–pole is a lot like that!

brass monkey

I can guarantee you I had to whip out eight seconds of courage the first time I tried this move!

Think, for a moment, of a move that scares you. One that your instructor has requested you try, and you look at her and say “Nuh-uh, no thanks.” Anything into Superman usually gets me freaked out– it’s my nemesis move and my “nuh-uh, too scary” move. I’ll try it, but I’m not a fan. (Yes, I realize I just gave my instructors ammunition. Bring it on ladies ;). )
Rather than freak out, psych yourself out, and back out, do me a favor. Muster up eight seconds of courage. Just eight. If you’re inverting, that should be long enough to get you upside-down and in the move. Even if you’re right side up, that’s a pretty good amount of time. Just eight seconds of courage, ladies. You can push it to 10 if you’re feeling especially courageous!
The amount of time isn’t all that important. What’s important here is that you dig deep, find that courage buried inside of you, face your fears and just DO (with a spotter, if needed 🙂 ) what scares you!
I realized early on in my pole journey that, if I just tried something, I had a pretty good chance of succeeding at it. As I moved along in my pole journey, it became my motivation to try crazier things. Once you realize you are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to–even if only for eight seconds–you’ll be unstoppable.
I applied that eight seconds of courage to my business, and I was amazed what I was able to accomplish! I realized that I need to apply this back to my pole journey too!  I’m not sure whether it was my long break or just a ridiculous amount of self-doubt, but I lost that for a while. I’m far more scared than I was before. No more. 🙂
Maybe you need to pull out eight seconds of courage just to sign up for your first pole class. Maybe you’ve got to call on it for a difficult and/or scary invert. You might need to call on that eight seconds just to get through a tough part of your day! You can do it!
All it takes to change your life is eight seconds. Eight seconds of courage. 🙂