When I started my journey I was nervous of what other girls would think, and was a little bit nervous there may be drama. That is not the case at Aerial Dance. Instructors and sometimes your fellow classmates lift you up, and cheer you on. Pole dancing is a community, and one of the most welcoming ones at that. We are a mini family, who always have each others backs. 

The pole community is one that welcomes all different body types, it is not a one size fits all. That is one thing that truly makes me happy.

When practicing moves, poses, climbs, etc. the instructors are there to hold you up, literally. There was a specific move I was learning and my body was not strong enough to hold the pose, the instructor came over and said “I got you”, and my response was “I cannot let go”. But really they do have you, those women are so strong mentally and physically. When someone smaller than you can catch you, lift you, push you up, it blows my mind. I remember one instance where we had to do a handstand, but instead of using our hands we used our forearms.  I was scared to push my legs up and wrap around the pole. The instructor helped lift my lower body and it was not as scary as I thought it was going to be. 

I love when I learn a new pose, and I get positive reinforcement. Not that I need to have people tell me I’m doing a good job, or notice my hard work, but it is still nice to hear that and they encourage you. 
Within this little community of pole dancing I have never really had such a strong place of belonging. I have a huge support system within my friends and family circle, but there is just something about the atmosphere in the dance studio.  The women are so empowering and it just lifts my spirits up. I always leave the studio feeling better than when I walked in, it just blows my mind that something so simple brings me so much happiness. It has always been the little things in life that touch my heart.  This is something I could see myself doing up into my fifties or older. Maybe it will keep me younger. If you need a community to have your back and some of the best cheerleaders in your corner, join Aerial Dance, you will not regret it. Take the leap!