Since I was young, I wanted to be a dancer. I was obsessed with the thought of being a famous ballerina when I was five. In high school I was one of three dance captains for our pom pom team that my best friend’s mom put together. I enjoyed every minute of putting together routines and bonding with my peers. After leaving high school, I wasn’t sure of what to do to continue dancing. Every so often, my group of friends and I would dance in the common area of one of the dorm units—that’s where I learned bachata. Years later, I am now a student at Aerial Dance. I was always curious about pole dance and what the classes would bring. I thought the classes would be laid out different. When I went through the first intro class, I was astounded by the class, instructors, and overall atmosphere. I loved the class so much I invested in a year-long membership so I could try all of the things. Now, Aerial offers Dance Cardio often along with several other workshops. My favorite workshops are the Heelography sessions. We learn proper techniques for walking and dancing in our sky-high heels. We are also instructed on fluidity in our pleasers— dancing in pleasers can look easy, but it can be a challenge. Remembering to point your toes, rotate your legs, and to stay on the boxes of the heels is difficult at times.

I can say that I am fulfilled with my membership, as I have been able to learn and progress with the aerial arts. I have also been able to satisfy my need and want to dance. Walking into the studio is far from boring. The ladies in the studio are supportive and fun. I feel amazing when I leave the studio, and I am thankful for the atmosphere that our instructors provide for us.