Music is such a dynamic aspect of aerial dance (and life) and yet, I do not think we talk about it nearly as much as we could.  Then again, what important and good things in life do we talk about adequately?  While I am not opposed to most types of music, I’m also not overtly drawn toward one specific type.  Growing up I was never the one in the family who chose what was on the radio, nor did I care to be.  Music was always on, and I always enjoyed it and that was good enough. 

Fast forward to adulthood and when I need to pick my own music, I do have a few go-to’s, however, my standard is to say “Alexa, play music” and then listen to whatever it is Alexa believes I should listen to. Knowing this, you can imagine how well I do in any class where an instructor asks for a song recommendation or even a genre of preference.  And yet, there are routinely genres and song choices that I never would have thought to dance to and end up LOVING.  

I have also come to find great value in not knowing the song I am dancing too, at least when I am looking to free dance, connect with myself, and just move. When I do not know the song I have no preconceptions, I am just there, in the moment, discovering what is to come as it happens and moving my body in response. I have found that free dances give me the opportunity to be alone in myself while moving and creating freely.  For those who have maybe not yet embraced free dance or even possibly still hate it, you’ll get there and when you do, it is fantastic. While rock is not one of the types of music I have ever frequently listened to, it has become of the best types of music I enjoy free dancing to. I find it allows me to feel emotions to the beat in a way I have not ever felt music before. When I am able to go into a free dance or even just any type of free movement time at the studio, allowing my body to feel the music, feel the emotions, and just be, it is always the most rewarding experiences. 

If further encouragement to be open to dancing to different music is necessary, I have performed in three shows.  None of which were music genres I would have originally ever considered dancing to, and I loved every one of the performances. 

Try the music. Let your body feel the music. Let your body move.