If you have not yet taken dance cardio I highly recommend it! I do not consider myself a good dancer. I often feel awkward and clumsy. I definitely do not feel sexy when I dance. Even at my wedding many years ago people struggled to get me to dance. It’s something that has never been something I enjoyed doing. 

I always try to take multiple classes at Aerial Dance and there was a night where dance cardio was my only option for a second class. I took it and I was incredibly nervous! I figured I was going to do terrible. I’ll be honest I was not looking forward to it at all. 

Much to my surprise I had an absolute blast! On top of that it was a really good workout! Cardio is something I’m sure we all need to work on. This class is a fun way to accomplish that. It did not matter that I messed up some of the moves and I didn’t always remember what came next. I still worked hard and got sweaty and had a blast! Since then I’ve taken more dance cardio classes and enjoyed each one!

The instructors break down the harder moves and even give you alternatives. Worst case if you can’t remember what to do keep moving and remember to have fun!