Hello fellow Aerial Fanatics!
I hope that everyone had a very fun and safe Halloween. I know that I did! I’m still not sure where October went…. It seems as if life is a whirl wind at the moment. This past month there were parent teacher conferences, I am finishing up my student teaching for my reading license (while teaching full time) , I had my first formal observation with my principal (that went extremely well!!!), first quarter is coming to an end and report cards are in the process of being finished! PHEWW!!! Is it Thanksgiving yet? I think I could use a break.  The joys of working and going to school! I know many of you can relate!  Always busy! That’s one of the reason I love my job!
I bet your wondering what is new for my this week at Aerial Dance? Let me share it with you! Last week I took a new class that I had never taken before! It still amazes me that I have being attending classes at Aerial Dance for the past two years and I still stumble upon classes that I have not tried!!!!! I came across Core Flow! Maybe you have already taken this class, but it was brand new for me! I have taken Pole Flow before, so I could decode the style of class that Core Flow would be, based on previous experiences or so I thought. 😉
The Core Flow class was taught by the amazing Instructor Chrissy! As many of you know, Chrissy always has an amazing workout planned for you. As we moved through the sequence of exercises my muscles were on fire! We began with what Chrissy called an Airplane, you balance on one foot, hinged at the hip,  with your arms stretched out in front of you.


Airplane Pose

Doesn’t sound too difficult right? Well I found out that my balance is not good at all! This was because I was not engaging my core as I was leaning forward. After repeating this move throughout the exercise I could feel my ab muscles burning. From the Airplane we moved into Dive Bombers.

Dive Bomber

You start in Down Dog position, dive down towards the ground with your face and then scoop up towards the sky leading with your nose, ending in a cobra like stance. Then you have to reverse move in one fluid motion. In my case not so fluid. It was not my favorite exercise but it was efficient, it made every muscle burn arms, legs, core!
We also did what Chrissy called the Channing Tatum. If you have even seen the movie Magic Mike, there is a dance scene where it looks like Mike is doing a worm like dance move down the stage. Much sexier than the kids who did in high school trying to break dance. If you are not quite sure what I am talking about you will have to Google/Youtube Magic Mike Dance. If you are familiar with this dance move you will understand that it is not as easy as it looks and we had to try and replicate this motion. Again I am not the best dancer, this is why classes like Core Flow are good practice for me. During Core Flow the lights were turned off and the twinkly lights were on like during a free dance. The atmosphere had a clam steady vibe to it. We were listening to slow and smooth, but not sappy music.
As the hour passed you knew that you worked hard. Your muscles were sore and you were out of breath even though it seemed like you were hardly moving! I would highly recommend this class for anyone who is looking to focus on strengthening their core or for a full body low impact workout!
Until Next Time!