As we are navigating to our new normal with the, “Stay at Home Order” we may find ourselves challenged to do what is best for our bodies.  We may be dealing with bad thoughts on body image or feeling alone.  We may have feelings of worthlessness because we aren’t working out as much or as hard as we think we should.  We might feel like we aren’t moving towards our goals.  These are struggles that many of us face and we aren’t alone.

This time of Pause has been given to us and we need to use it to our advantage and not let time pass.  Going down a dark rabbit hole of stories we make up in our head is not going to be helpful to yourself or the people around you.  When this happens, take a step back and rewrite your story to a positive one.  We need to remember to have grace with our self during this time.  Every negative thought needs to be affirmed by two positive thoughts. 

As we work through this, make sure to find community.  Yes, we are social distancing ourselves and staying at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a facetime call with family or a loved one.  Join groups online where you can connect with others.  Make sure you create a routine for yourself. You want to have a schedule, so it can create a sense of accountability to ensure you have a feeling of purpose.  Take time each day to move your body.  Working out creates endorphins which will make a person feel better.  Don’t forgot to fuel your body with good nutrition and lots of water.  Staying healthy mentally during this time is just as important as staying physically healthy.  Take one day at a time.  When things feel overwhelming, take a deep breath and reset.