After a few sessions of beginner pole, things became easier. My nerves weren’t nearly as high as they had been the first day of class. Over the course of the 8 week long beginner level pole class, I had slowly begun to get moves down pat and felt more confident with myself.

I did have some trouble with comparing my skills to others in the class, however the instructors always tried to help those of us who were having a harder time getting a move down. They took their time to teach us the multiple ways a move can be completed. This made me feel good as it showed how much the instructors care for us and how they want to see us succeed.

Another good thing that the instructors all did was to praise us when we completed a move, even if it was a little messy. This made me feel very good and helped put my comparing to others more at ease. Of course I still compared because that is just how I am, but the instructors were phenomenal. I appreciated the way they talked with all of us and helped keep us up beat during the classes.

After each class, we would sit down and go over the moves that we had learned that day. I loved doing this as it gave me a more physical way to keep track of my progress. We would mark on the sheets when we learned it and when we felt proficient in that move. I loved seeing how many moves were covered in just one class! The beginner term seemed to fly right by.

As the term came to an end, I felt mostly prepared for the next level of the classes. I wouldn’t have felt as prepared if it weren’t for how the instructors were throughout the weeks. Each one of them had been up beat, positive, and wanting us to succeed.

Overall, I had a blast completing the beginner course and loved seeing my progress both on paper and through videos I had taken each class. I was slightly nervous to move on to the next level, but the team is a perfect support system. Aerial Dance has been so welcoming to everyone and has encouraged people to continue to come and have fun. I’m very happy that I chose to go with this studio for pole classes and other classes that they offer. 

Come see what pole is all about! Aerial Dance offers Intro to Pole or sign up for a full beginner term!