I have not made it to the studio much lately.  There is a lot going on, most would sum it up with “life”.  Life has been happening to me and I have not prioritized the studio because well, I’m a mom and a wife and I forget that I’m important too. And well, as it was said in the studio this morning it’s hard to get out of the dark place. But it is not hard when I’m at the studio.  It is not hard when I’m consistently going and have a routine. It is not hard when there are people I routinely see, dare I say, women who have become friends and part of my closest support system. Women who are all dealing with their own version of “life” and recognize that inside the doors of Aerial Dance, all that anyone needs is support, acceptance, encouragement, and love. 

The dark place is hard to come out of, but its not as hard when you know, and can remember, that you will be greeted with everything you need when you are at the studio.  You will be greeted with everything you didn’t know you needed.  Do you need to get your but kicked, they can provide that.  Do you need a room of women who will provide you support and cheer you on for just showing up? You’ll find it, everytime.  Do you need a place to take a quiet shower? That is also available- and exceptionally helpful when you’re a new mom (or anyone) who couldn’t remember the last time they showered.  Do you need someone to acknowledge that you are a living, breathing human doing your best?  Literally, just walk through the doors and you will also find that. 

Another thing that really helps get out of the dark place is movement. I am convinced that moving in any fashion is one of the key elements needed to find your way out of a dark place.  And by default, you have to move to even get to the studio.  And even better, is the fact that everyone will be appreciative that you put in the effort to walk through the door, even if that is all you can muster up for the day. 

So, moral of the story today is, we are all dealing with, surviving, muddling through, barely scraping by in this thing called “life” and life is a whole lot easier, better, brighter, lighter when  you are doing it with a sisterhood supporting you.  The first step is signing up for class, and then just remember, all you have to do is show up.