I’m sure we all can think of a place that’s special to us. When we go to visit, we feel happy and relaxed. Sometimes, we feel that we never want to leave! It’s those kinds of places that we enjoy visiting time and time again.
That’s how I feel about Aerial Dance. When I walked into the studio, it felt right. I felt comfortable and oh so very happy. It was great to see some old classmates and, of course, Instructor Kelly. I can’t wait to see more of my pole friends and instructors as I begin attending more classes!
As I started playing on the pole, things came back to me. I can perform basic spins, and some of the more challenging ones. When I started practicing inverts, my memory faltered a bit. For example: One of my favorite inverts I learned shortly before leaving was the Butterfly. I find it easy to get in to and it used to be a go-to for my warm-up. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember how to get into it!  Luckily, one of my old classmates was able to jog my memory. I was able to pull it off, and then Instructor Kelly suggested I take it into a Flatline Scorpio. I went back up in the Butterfly, and quickly realized I was far too tired to turn it into anything else!
I might be pulling off old inverts, but my basics still need attention. I can tell that my front hook isn’t as strong as it used to be. My shoulders lack the strength they used to.
Once I started taking pictures, I also noticed that my fireman spin needs a little work. I’m certain there should be a right angle between the pole and my bum. That is certainly not what I’m doing in my pictures. Also, I think I’m holding myself a bit too far away from the pole. I’m compensating for fatigue and lack of strength in my shoulders. It’s a beginners mistake. For some reason, many who learn a fireman start by leaning away and letting their bum sink–just like I am! It’s a matter of building strength and ensuring that I have proper form every time I practice it.
Kelly suggested I get a picture sitting on the pole with my legs extended. I did it just for fun. It still shows much of the same things I was critiquing before.
IMG_1665 IMG_1664
I was really tired when I took this picture–henceforth the laughter! Added on to the lack of strength in my shoulders, I find myself leaning away. I’m also holding on for dear life! My thighs were so sweaty, and I was quite close to sliding down the pole.  Thigh sweat has always been a problem for me. Instead, I compensated with my arms. To make that sit better, I could sit up straighter and tilt my hips more.
I was so tired when I left! I’m writing this the next day, and I’m so sore now! My shoulders and hands especially! It’s a good pain though–to me, it means I worked hard! I hope I haven’t frightened any new pole fitness enthusiasts with my self-critique or my complaints of soreness. I critique myself to make myself better. Unless you’re actually in a competition, the only person you are competing against is yourself. That means you need get better each time you get on the pole. That pain I talked about? It comes in the form of soreness and/or bruises, and they’re your badge of honor.
Looking forward to my Aerial Conditioning class tomorrow! Feel free to comment below!