A Few Tips Coming at Ya!

Week Before the Show

This is my fourth year performing in the Aerial Christmas Show! Over the last few years, I have learned a thing or two about preparing for the show! The biggest tip I can give is to not trash your body! You have spent a lot of time conditioning and preparing for the show and don’t want to burn your body out this week! Take time to pamper that body of yours! Be sure that you are eating properly to maintain your energy and your health! There are a lot of nasty bugs going around, it would be a shame to catch one so close to the show!

Tip #2: DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! Your body will thank you!

Tip #3 : Don’t make any major changes to your skin care routine. This could compromise your grip for the show! No one wants to be slipping and sliding on the day of the show! If you plan to get a spray tan before the show I would highly recommend doing so two days before the show. Yes, you won’t be as dark, but it will make sure the spray doesn’t compromise your stick. Remember these are only my suggestions, you know your body and what it is accustomed to.

Tip #4: Limit alcohol consumption. This may sound silly, but having several glasses of your choice of beverage throughout the week can play a role in how your body performs (we all know you don’t drink and pole). It should go without saying that you probably shouldn’t go on a bender a day or two before the show…… but I am just tossing it out there as in the past I have heard some horror stories. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY THIS WEEK! It is under a lot of stress!

Tip #5: Take care of your mental and emotional health! It is a busy time of year! Take a little extra TLC time for yourself as a whole!

Tip #6: THANK YOUR INSTRUCTOR!!!!!!! Thank them over and over and over again! They have put in a lot… A LOT of time into each and every routine! The spend countless hours planning not only for our routines, but still have to plan/dance in instructor group routines and perform solos! MAKE SURE YOU THANK THEM!

Tips for the Day of the Show!

  1. Come early! If you plan to get ready back stage be sure to come even earlier than anticipated! I usually arrive at noon!
  2. Like Paula said, ” CAR POOL!” That is only if you can. The parking lot gets crazy! Do not park in the bowling alley….. You will be towed.
  3. If you are getting your makeup done the day of the show be sure that you are on time! The artist’s time is precious and we don’t want them to get behind!
  4. If you plan to do your own hair/make up, bring a large mirror and lights! The lighting behind stage is not that bright. Last year, I brought two mirrors, and unfortunately left them behind….. Which brings me to tip number 4.
  5. Make sure to keep all your things together and organized! After the show the stage is instantly broken down meaning all bags and belongings must be out from behind the scenes to make room for instructors and the production crew moving large and heavy objects.
  6. FOOD!!!!!! Your body needs fuel! Be sure to eat! Tanners allows us to bring in snacks. You can also order food from the bar!
  7. HAVE FUN! The Show will be here before you know it. Enjoy the ride and try not to stress too much. You will all look amazing and do a wonderful job!

I absolutely cannot wait to see everyone at the show! It is going to be the greatest show yet!

Until Next Time,