Christmas in August

Who would have thought that we would be thinking about Christmas in August? Well here at Aerial Dance Christmas is never too far from anyone’s mind. Why you might ask? Let me tell you! Every year Aerial Dance LLC, organizes an OUTSTANDING Christmas Show for students and instructors alike to show off their newly acquired aerial skills! Not only is the Christmas Show amazing, it has a theme that changes every year! This year’s theme is 90’s! The instructors are working hard to chronograph dance routines for students of all abilities. I’m not sure about you, but I have been watching Aerial Dance’s Facebook page as they have been steadily releasing the songs that instructors chose for the show! If you missed the songs completely, I have included a screenshot from Aerial Dance’s page!

YAHOO! I can’t wait! The hardest part is always trying to decided which song to dance to! This year there are so many solid choices to choose from! The country girl in me says that “Man I Feel Like A Women” is my go to, but I love two of the other songs as well! Decisions Decisions!

How The Christmas Show Helped Me Grow!

In the three years that I have been attending Aerial Dance, I only have one regret. My one regret is that I let my fear stop me from preforming in the Christmas Show sooner. Last Christmas was my first show and I can tell you that it will not be my last! (I even did a doubles routine in the Student Showcase thanks to the Christmas Show and my great partner!) As I signed up for the Christmas Show, I was terrified. I knew some of the ladies who were in my routine, but not all. I was afraid that my skills were not going to be sufficient enough to perform. At our first practice, I learned that it was some of the other ladies first time in the show as well. They were just as nervous!
As we began practicing more, everyone seemed to relax a little more, we even began to enjoy ourselves! We spent many hours practicing our routine. The biggest thing I noticed was that our routine morphed to fit our abilities. It wasn’t set in stone. It was flexible, because our instructors know that everyone is different and they want us to be successful! They want us to show our talents and be confident in ourselves and our performance! Not only did the Christmas Show help me overcome most of my fear of performing for an audience, it helped me to establish some friendships that I might have missed out on. The ladies, i danced with during last years show have become some of my dearest friends. They have guided me and supported me in more ways than I can even begin to explain! All thanks to the amazing Christmas Show!

Reasons Why You Should Consider Preforming in the Christmas Show!

  1. You don’t know what you are capable if you don’t try!
  2. All of the routines are separated into different levels (meaning you won’t be performing in an advanced routine if you are a beginner)
  3. If you are unsure of how to decide your ability level ask you pole instructor! They will know the best routine for you!
  4. There is the possibility of making new friends and meet new people!
  5. You will get to show your friends and family all of the amazing things you learned at Aerial Dance!
  6. You get to spend the day of the show with your pole family!
  7. There is always amazing food after the show!
  8. You get to decide with your group what you costume/outfit looks like! (Which should be super fun with the 90’s theme!)
  9. Getting to know the instructors a little better!
  10. You get to spend more time doing the sport you love!
  11. Learning cool doubles tricks! ( Like the one pictured above!)

I could give you a 110 reason as to why you’ll love being part of  the Christmas show, but only you can make the decision to try! Think about this, you gave pole a shot, fell in love, what makes you think the Christmas Show would be any different?  If you are still sitting there thinking, there is no way that I would be able to do it. Buy a ticket to at least come watch your fellow polers! Watching the show just might be the ticket to give you the boost of confidence for next year’s show! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me the next time you see me at the studio! I’d love to help you out in anyway possible!
Until Next Time!