We all have them. Where it seems like everything is awful and you are just not OK. Especially in light of the many extra challenges in the last few months of pandemic, there are definitely days when it is hard to keep up any sort of positivity and sometimes to even get through the barest minimum of the day.

 I have definitely had quite a few of them myself these past months, some days congradulating myself for just getting out of bed, but then a few things ended up really helping me. 

The first thing is this: it is OK to have a bad day and to just sit and feel the emotions that you are going through, trying to really consider what may be causing these feelings, and just allowing yourself to process the emotions. I know for me personally if I try to repress it too much, it just ends up being worse later, with a lot of negativity in between. Allow the feelings to happen, so that you may release them.

And the second thing that helped me a lot was actually an article that I came across, giving some simple but useful suggestions of little things to do to help improve your mood and the way you feel. Things as easy as checking in on yourself to see if you are hydrated and if not, grab a glass of water. Think back to when you last ate – make sure you’re not getting hangry – and then try to find something nourishing to fuel your body. Shower (hey – during the lockdown, the struggle was real.). Stretch – even if it’s just standing up and taking a momentary full body stretch, but if you have the time, going to Bendy babe or doing the recorded class. If you are tired, rest, take a quick nap or go to sleep for the night, and no, speaking from experience, 5 pm is not too early. And one of my personal favorites, giving somebody else a genuine compliment. Makes them feel better plus it always ends up making me feel better too. 

And the final thing that was probably the hardest for me, was to make sure to schedule time just for me for my priorities. And I like trying to make myself accountable for those also, like signing up and going to an Aerial class, writing things in/scheduling them on a planner or just telling somebody and having them be an accountability buddy. Because it’s easy to let the things that you love fall to the wayside, especially when the world becomes a bit overwhelming, For me, it happens especially on the days that I am feeling extra challenged by circumstances, having no control and not very happy. But there has yet to have been a time that it has not helped me – once I have completed the activity, I always end up feeling at least a little bit better, and often a lot better.

So hang in there, know that you are not alone, we do all have those days/weeks/months, and  although sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel seems very faint, always remember that it is there, and eventually, things will be better.