Hello Everyone!

As I began taking my pole class I discovered an undeniable truth, I was hooked and loved going to class. I was not very strong or graceful, but soon learned that strength and grace will come over time! My strength is coming along nicely… grace on the other hand I am still working on, but I have not given up hope! Many Pole Flow classes are in my future!

The next step in my journey would bring me to face a challenging discussion with my parents. As many of you know, while taking pole you get what Paula and the instructors like to call “Pole Kisses” a.k.a. bruises. After my first few weeks of pole I had yet to tell my parents that I was taking pole fitness. I should tell you a little more about my parents before we go any further. My parents are both Catholic and have been married for 51 years as of July 5th, 2016.  I am number 11 of 12 children. To say the least they can be narrow minded with some things, only for the fact that times have changed immensely from when they grew
up, but they are usually very supportive even if they do not agree with the decisions their children make. Now that y ou know a little about my parents, let’s get back to me sharing my little secret with them.  
One day, while at my parents house, what should I happen to forget about but my lovely bruises from last class. I guess wearing a dress is an easy way to showcase any bruises you may have.  My mom was like a hawk zoned in on her prey staring at my bruised legs. I knew the question was coming and began to sweat. What would she think? How would she feel? Would she be disappointed in me? Ashamed? After a few short minutes of panic the question was upon me. My mother asked,”Janelle Mary! What on earth did you do to your legs?” I thought carefully for a moment and replied, “Mom, do you remember me telling you that I started exercising? Well, I began taking pole fitness classes at Aerial Dance.” There it was! The truth was out in the open! My mother of course had a few questions like, You’re not going to take your clothes off are you? What kind of clothes do they require you to wear? Do you have to dance in heels?  I reassured her that this was purely for exercise and my own enjoyment. I explained to her that pole empowers women to be their best self. It teaches women strength, courage, and confidence.
Once my dad came in from his workshop, my mom informed him of my new type of exercise. All he said was that he was proud of me for branching out of my comfort zone and that he would love to see what I can do. This made my heart burst with joy! They were not judging me and were not ashamed of me either!
This winter I plan on sharing my pole experience with my parents by participating in the Christmas Show! I absolutely can not wait as I have never done anything remotely close to performing on stage besides high school choir, but that was with 40 other people on stage. I will keep you all updated on my journey to the Christmas Show as the time gets closer!


These are my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary

Thanks for reading!