Heading on back to the studio… Getting back at it… the joy of touching all the apparatuses again… seeing everyone.  What if I’m not the same. What if I can’t do what I could do before. What if.. what if.. 

What if every single beautiful soul you encountered there is in the same place as you. What if every gorgeous gal was there to cheer you on. What if I told you that it will all be ok and honest to goodness you WILL FIND YOURSELF AGAIN!!!! 

You are not starting over, you are not.  You enter with the thought of finding the person who left the studio when the pandemic occurred. This is where the war between brain versus body versus emotion are going to be STRONG. While you are the same person you were, you also are not. We are all meant to grow and change and in light of recent happenings we have. Guess what, this also is not the first time you’ve come back to the studio different, maybe not just this drastic.  

I had an injury that kept me out of aerial life last November for a couple months. Trust me, the fear of losing my abilities was overwhelming!  My Brain screamed “Do the thing you did before!” and my Body yelled back “I am trying my best!” and my Emotions cried “Why can’t I do this like I did before!”

It was a battle for a bit, my brain and body and emotions all fighting with each other. It was exhausting and defeating at times. One day, I decided to reassess my fears, look at my journey in a reassuring way and had a ‘conversation’ with brain, body and emotions.

I went back to the studio and began again. I was going to be kind to myself. I knew I could do this. I believed in me. More so everyone around me filled me with strength and confidence and trust. I found then that my Brain excitedly whispered, “We’re doing this!”, my Body rejoiced “Yes, we remember this, we just need a little time!” and my Emotions lovingly replied, “This is incredible, I am so proud of me”.

You will have your moments of doubt, and that is completely okay. However please believe me when I say, I have had to take months off of Aerial Dance. It was hard. Getting back at it, the joy of being there, seeing everyone… I came back exponentially more determined and grew because of it.  I adore each of you and we are here for you.