In today’s world we are seeing more and more about being happy in your body. TikTok has allowed many women to see that being plus size is not a bad thing. So many women on there have been challenging themselves to wear things out of their comfort zones and wearing things plus size women previously would not normally wear. It’s empowering and gives those who are self conscious about their body a sense of confidence. It’s helping women to love their body no matter what size you are.  

This was not always the case, in the past you were made to think that you had to be skinny to be happy and that if your body did not portray one of the “typical beauty” that it was bad. Personally I grew up thinking that I was ugly because I was plus size and I couldn’t wear things thinner people could. I discovered later in life that it is not so bad being plus size and you can wear what you want. 

Pole exercise, and any type of dancing for that matter, can really help you to feel confident in your body and that it doesn’t matter if you have curves or a few extra pounds. Pole exercise makes you feel like you belong and you can do anything, no matter what shape your body is. Thanks to my family, friends, and pole exercise I am starting to love my body the way it is and wear things out of my comfort zone. 

A lot of people associate pole dancing as having to be fit and thin, but that is not the case. When I first started attending classes due to receiving the classes as a gift for Christmas, I was so nervous. I thought “I’m plus size. I’m not sure if I can do this”, but boy was I wrong. It definitely was challenging to get my feet off the ground at first, but I did it. I found out that conditioning and practice is key. The more I continue to attend classes, the more I’m loving it and loving myself inside and out.

As I stated before, watching other plus size women express themselves and wear what they want has helped me to feel more confident too. It is so nice to see that our world is becoming more of a body positive place and I am helping others to see that too. 

Pole is for all bodies!
Come see for yourself by trying Intro to Pole or sign up for a full term and start your journey!