Such a simple title, but it has so much meaning!

On January 2, I had the privileged of volunteer at the Aerial Dance Open House. This is something that I have never done before and it was truly a blessing. I got to experience again what it was like to walk in the shoes of someone who has never been to Aerial Dance.

You could see it in their faces. The intimidation, the fear, and that slow roll of anxiety, that by the end of their tour turned into glimmer of hope that, YES! Yes they could do it! I worked with Instructor Amber at the end of the tour explaining the different memberships that Aerial Dance has to offer. We were able to be real with these women, sharing how Aerial Dance helped us through our ups and downs. Many women were hesitant about the cost, but I was the first two share with them that I am on a payment plan. And it is not something that I am ashamed nor should they be. Aerial Dance tries really hard to do what is best for their students mentally, physically, and financially.

Aerial Dance is sanctuary for women and volunteering last night really expressed just how much they truly are. During our time with guests at the end of the tour MANY opened up about the hardships that their families are facing. Some had medical debt, recently lost their job, or their spouse had lost theirs. It made me so proud that these women, who were complete strangers were comfortable enough to share their troubles openly. I feel that speaks volumes about the climate the Aerial Dance creates and maintains. Our guest could feel the love that we had for them even without knowing them.

Beautiful Community

So I will say it again. I am blessed to be part of such a beautiful community that builds women up. Not just some women, but all women. I am blessed to have amazing instructors who I can rely on not only during classes, but in times of need. Thank you Aerial Dance for all that you have given me in my time with you. I could not be more proud to one of your community members. I look forward to growing more with you in 2020.

Until Next Time,