It has made me want to work out more. It makes me want to lift weights at home to help gain some of that upper arm strength that is used in pole exercise. I never wanted to work out before because it is not fun and I was lazy. But, this makes me motivated and so many endorphins are released making me feel even better!

    Did you know it is also good for your joints? It is something that I had never thought about at all. I have more lower back pain than I care to admit, and yes at times I have not been able to make it to class, or push myself as far as I wanted. There is not a huge amount of stress that is put on your joints as other forms of workouts out there. I never realized that you are strengthening all of those muscles in your body. It is just something I never thought about.  It all looked easy and effortless to me.  It really is one of the most underrated workouts, out there. I think people like to turn the other cheek, as they expect it is going to turn you into an exotic dancer at a night club. It is so much more than that, and I am not ashamed to say where I am getting my upper body strength and flexibility from.  

    I have noticed that my flexibility has gotten way better.  A lot of the time my back, thighs, and calves are really tight. Which causes a lot of discomfort for me and I realize when I am stretching at home or after a class that my flexibility has increased by at least 50%.  It is truly amazing how good pole makes my body feel, especially after the class. I feel so relaxed and just crash when I get home. It gives me a better night’s sleep for sure. I may get 8 hours of restless sleep, but after class my body is so much more relaxed.

    I do unfortunately, need to step away from pole for a few months because the summer is always busy for me, but I want to continue stretching and lifting weights at home so that when I come back, in for the fall sessions I will be just a little bit stronger, and a little more flexible. I cannot wait to see where the rest of my journey will lead me, and how many more connections with people I can make. I am so so proud to be a part of this community, and I do not plan to leave it.  I think it will become like a second home/ family for me!