If you’ve never taken a Bendy Babe class, first of all you should because it’s amazing to stretch for an hour, but the conversations we have in that class are phenomenal. I love teaching bendy because you never know where the conversation is going to go. In a quiet room with only other adult women, I have had some of the most amazing and thought provoking conversations over bendy.

In my classes, the only “off limits” topic that I try to steer clear of is politics. Everything else is fair game, and has been brought up at some point. Sometimes we get into more serious subjects and the ladies need advice on what to do in relationships or how to handle an overbearing mother-in-law… other times we laugh and giggle about the finer points of how to shave our nether regions. Sometimes I have no idea how we got to the topics we did or how we jumped from one to another, but I love being along for the ride and the unpredictability of it.

I love the experience of great conversation in bendy, and it really helps me get to know our members better. I mean we have conversations in other classes too, but it’s different because we are out of breathe and concentrating on not dying. Bendy has a much slower pace that it is easy to hold conversations, ask each other questions, and have back and forth dialogue. Our members have such diverse backgrounds and life experiences, and in bendy I really feel like we all open up a little bit more and share a bit more. Regardless of the topics, serious or silly, the conversations had over foam rollers and pinky balls are by far my favorite and make Bendy Babe one of my favorite classes to teach.