Don’t fear failure. Pole class is not an easy thing to conquer! You have to defeat the challenges, gain the strength, and stay headstrong. If anything, you should fear being in the same exact position tomorrow, as you are today. Every time you go to a class at Aerial Studio, it ensures you are bettering your well being every time and striving for improvements every week. These two messages alone are what motivated me to go out of my comfort zone and try something new and risky! The most amazing things in life are not just in things, people, places, and memories and pictures. They’re actually feelings and moments and smiles and laughter. Aerial makes me (and you) FEEL feelings such as frustration or excitement! If you can’t get a trick down right away, it is easy to get frustrated! And if you can expert a move, you feel excitement. You can also feel what it’s like to be persistent because these moves require conditioning and you can’t give up! The moments you realize a change in your progress are the moments that last because even beyond the class, you will feel proud to finally have conquered a move that has taken a long time to practice and perform. The smiles and laughter come naturally because while you’re learning new things, getting in tune with your body and muscles… you have fun with the girls around you who are in the same boat, just trying to better themselves and you laugh and smile together when you make mistakes. Aerial has given me a chance to fight to improve myself and trust the process.