About a year into my journey as a student, founder Paula asked to meet with me to talk about becoming an instructor.  I had so many questions, and she was welcome to open conversation and honestly answered them all.  A few weeks later, I started my training to become an instructor.

When I received my first packets of information, I was so excited!  As I started working with Paula, I soon found that there was so much more to the pole classes I had loved so much as a student.  Learning how to teach women about the safety aspect, but also making it fun and exciting was a lot more difficult than I had thought.  When Instructor Chrissy was hired, I was so excited to have someone else to train with and go through all of the new information and trial-and-error of becoming an instructor together. 

Relearning everything from an instructor’s point of view was hard.  Starting over at beginner and going through every move, how to break it down, what things to warn women about for safety, where they should be engaging, what muscles should be firing… it was a lot to take in.  Every week we would go through more moves, more conditioning, more stretches, review previous moves, how do you word things, how can you modify this exercise…  until I could start to find the words and the answers to the questions on my own. 

Then, the moment came – it was time for my first solo class.  It was actually a bachelorette party, which I thought was fitting, since my pole journey started with a bachelorette party.  It was amazing.  Being able to teach a room full of women how fun pole could be, and helping them celebrate the upcoming big day was so fulfilling.  I was so excited about being able to help women to experience the amazing form of fitness that I had grown to love.