Beautiful! Yes! YOU! You are beautiful! 

The word beautiful is often not said as much as it should be. We refer to others as beautiful, but what about ourselves? The dictionary definition of beautiful is having beauty: possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind.
This definition is what makes you beautiful! It does not say that beauty is set by another person’s standards. Beauty is set by YOU! If something gives you great pleasure or satisfaction to see or think about, then it is BEAUTIFUL! If seeing yourself in a Hood Ornament, Outside Leg Hang, Rocket Woman, then YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Being confident, strong, and determined makes YOU beautiful!
Every person who enters Aerial Dance is beautiful. We are all capable of creating beauty in our own way while practicing the aerial arts. We create new shapes, elegant lines, or a fluid sequence of moves/spins to express our beauty! Aerial Dance has really opened my eyes to the various forms of beauty that can be found all within one place. Beauty is not limited to ones looks, body shape, or ability. I see beauty every time I enter Aerial Dance, strong independent women who are working to achieve their goals. Not goals that some one else has set for them. I see beauty in the face of a beginner who finally had enough courage to take a pole class, an intermediate student who is finally able to start her sit climb, and in the face of an advanced student who is learning to invert. These are just a few of the beautiful moments that you will experience at Aerial Dance. Here are a few things that make me feel beautiful!




This is only a 1/2 Marley, but look how long I LOOK! BAM! If you are attending the Christmas Show you will recognize this pose during the Jukebox Routine! I have only been practicing this for TWO WEEKS!



As the date is quickly approaching I am getting ever so giddy for the show!!!!! I have seen some other routines at the studio and I was blown away! I feel that this is going to be the best Christmas show yet!
With that being said, please be sure that if you are in the show that your are still taking care of yourself! Pole is a difficult sport. Give your body a break, heal your muscles and rebuild your strength. Make sure that you are stretching each time you work out. Having sore tired muscles for the show is not ideal and makes it easier to injure yourself. Be sure that you are drinking plenty of water! I made the mistake yesterday to not drink enough water and exercised hard. I paid for it the next day, I had a headache a good portion of the day.
If you are worried about the way your body looks in your costume, don’t worry so much. People will be so entranced with your pole skills that they wont even notice that little extra love around the edges. I bet you didn’t notice the cellulite in my pictures above. Go ahead scroll back up and take a look. It’s there, but the happiness that those moves brought me, drowned out my fear of someone seeing my body. Please ladies if you are still concerned about your appearance don’t starve yourself. Eating is crucial to maintain your stamina while practicing pole and to be successful while completing inverts. Also food just taste good, so enjoy it!
Remember you are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are!!!!!
Thanks for reading!