We Went, We Danced, We Rocked It!

At Bazaar After Dark Neenah, the apparatuses needed to be taken down a few times due to rain delay, but a little rain could not damper our good time!
Bazaar After Dark Neenah was a total hit for the community and Aerial Dance! Aerial Dance has participated in Bazaar After Dark a few times before, but this one was different. This Bazaar After Dark however, duos on hoop were encouraged to join in the fun! In all there were three co-ed student doubles and a few other student doubles! I was blown away by the turnout of students who came to Bazaar. Not only the doubles who came out, but single performing students who wanted to share their skills with the world! The shapes, lines, and routines presented by all were absolutely stunning.
What really brought joy to the members of Aerial Dance, were the children who found seat front row and center. To watch their eyes bulge, to hear their Ooo’s and the Ahhh’s, it was like we were creating magic right before their eyes. It brought joy to my heart. I could see it in the eyes of my fellow students, Bazaar was an experience that those children will take with them as they grow. Who knows, what spark we lite inside! We showed the community that not only can women be aerialist, but men too! Breaking down barriers is what we do!

Beautiful hoop shape by: students Natalie and Amy

Lovely lines created by student Carissa and her husband Keith


Yes you do fly! Student Sheyrena and her husband Patrick

First Time For Everything

I personally have never performed on any apparatus in front of an audience on anything other than a pole. I am guilty of going to Bazaar and being terrified to get out there and perform. Something about being up on stage in front of many makes my skin crawl. This Bazaar was different though. This Bazaar, I had a friend and partner to rely on. I know that having a partner is not the same as going it alone, but it is the next step closer to perform on my own.
Steve has gone to several hoop and conditioning classes at the studio and enjoyed them. When the opportunity came about for doubles to perform at Bazaar, I wasn’t so sure he would bite. He has always been a good sport, but this was big. He would be going out of his comfort zone to perform with me. It would be a first for both of us, like always he was willing to jump in head first! His passion for our sport grows with each passing experience. I know that many women at the studio have significant others who support them, but are not willing to go to co-ed classes.
Here is the tidbit of advice I have for you. If your significant other is not willing to come to the studio with you, maybe you have a aerial sister who’s got your back. Many students are looking for a doubles partner. If you don’t know where to start to find one, reach out to your instructors. They may know of someone who is also looking for a doubles partner too. Performing with a partner takes some of the pressure off you. So if you are looking to perform and are nervous, doubles are a great place to start! Keep that in mind as the next Bazaar After Dark approaches! It may be your opportunity to shine!


To all of you that performed at past Bazaars, you make the difference for our studio! Your dedication to our sport is remarkable! Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to show the world how incredible you are and the support we provide for one another!