Back to school…….. Those three little words are a joyous sound for parents who are ready for their kiddos to go back to school! I know you love them dearly, but you need a break too. For a teacher on the other hand, those three little words bring joy as well as some anxiety. It is that time of year again where we need to have our classrooms ready and welcoming for our new students. We also have many hours of professional development to put in before school starts.
As many of you know I am a teacher, and the one thing that drives me crazy to hear is, “You’re a teacher, you get your summers off.” Well yes, technically this may be true, but teachers are just as busy in the summer preparing for school than they are during the school year. This summer I taught five weeks of summer school, took a seven week grad class that was like working a full time job, got a new job in a new school district, had to complete 2 weeks of professional development, plus move my classroom. I am not writing this blog to complain, but to shed a little bit of light on the life of a teacher.
I know your thinking blah, blah, blah  everyone is busy with work and life!  This is exactly my point! Don’t let work be an excuse to miss your workout! I was pretty proud of myself that I was able to maintain a workout schedule of three to four workouts a week. In the last month and half my routine got a little lax. Well non-existent really.  I was busy with my grad class, preparing my classroom, and sitting through professional development. I started to feel sluggish, eat terrible, and my sleep schedule was off. I had let myself make excuses to not exercise. I’ll exercise tomorrow or I’ll eat a little better tomorrow. Guess what? Tomorrow always came and went, I didn’t keep myself accountable. I was down to exercising once a week if that.
Last week, I told myself I needed to get back into my routine and continue to make healthier eating choices. With the school  year coming up it would be so easy to slip back into my lazy ways. To make sure I stuck with it I went to my pole class last Monday (where I learned my new favorite spin!!!), I attended a small group training session on Wednesday, and finally Fabric Fun on Thursday with a 3 mile walk with my dog later that afternoon. Slowly but surely I will get my routine back! Remember everyone falls of the wagon once and a while, but it is your choice to get back on! YOU CAN DO IT!
Okay so back to my new favorite spin! This is what I am most excited about from last week! I learned how to do the Pegasus spin and nailed it!!!! Check it out!

For just learning this spin I am super proud of how nice it looks. I still need to work on the transition from Dainty Climb to Pegasus. After I successfully completed the spin on both sides, I started to play around with different combos to go with Pegasus. My instructor suggested that I take Pegasus into a Remi Sit. I thought to myself, I’ll do one better. I will Dainty Climb – Pegasus – Remi Sit – Remi Layback!
Here is what it looked like. Again, I was new to Pegasus, so it is not perfect!

TA DA!!!!! Pretty sweet isn’t it! I am going to continue to work on this! Stay tuned for my next adventure with pole!!!!
Have a great week!
I’m off to work in my classroom!