It is now the middle of February, and we are all well aware that it is winter in Wisconsin. The fresh snow outside my window is absolutely beautiful… but my goodness do I wish it would go away already! I miss being outside and not having my face hurt.

At this time of year I always seem to find my way into a funk. I don’t have the ambition or energy to do much of anything. This year I’m trying something new. I am trying to combat my lethargy with self care. I am carving out time to do things that I enjoy, whether I think I have time for them or not! Making the time to take care of myself and recharge has been helping me stay on track.

Things I’ve been setting aside time for include the following. Coloring – I have a pretty good selection of adult coloring books, and love how calming it is for me. Reading – I prefer murder mysteries and suspense. Taking online classes – currently I’m working on my 200 hour yoga certification. Watching my TV shows – I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I enjoy some random shows with my husband. And of course shnuggling with my dogs, 2 of whom are pictured with us.

Taking just a little bit of time each week and dedicating it to these activities is really helping. These are just a few of my common things I do to recharge myself and prevent the winter blues! Find what helps you!