Today is my birthday. I used to LOVE birthdays, I would celebrate all month long. As I got older, something sneakily changed. For some reason getting older seemed to be a bad thing. As a woman it became normal to stop telling people my age, as if it were something to be ashamed of. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I experienced a shift to move away from this. I’m taking back my love of birthdays!

I am grateful to be another year older. I am proud to say that I am 33 years young today. I am healthier and in better shape now than I was as a collegiate cheerleader. I am married to an amazing man who supports what I do and all of my crazy ideas. I have my three fur babies to snuggle up with at noopy nap time. I have learned a lot in my 33 years, and still have a lot of learning to do. Today, I am thankful for the journey that got me to where I am. I look forward to whatever is coming next, and knowing that I have the knowledge and experience to handle whatever that may be.

Today, I take back enjoying my birthday.