I’ve been going to bendy babe a lot more recently and not only have I been learning more about different ways to stretch and use different tools to get a good stretch. But I’ve also just been appreciating stretching out my body a whole lot more! I’ve been going to the studio much more frequently recently, up to 4 or 5 days a week some weeks and by going as much as I have been, getting a good stretch in helps tremendously to make sure I’m helping my body recover. 

While we put our bodies through a lot of work in each and every class, regardless if it’s a beginner class or an extreme level class, we make our bodies do incredible things but if we’re not careful, those moves can really take a toll on our bodies. Well let’s be honest, a lot of what we do at the studio takes a toll on our bodies, but it’s the recovery piece that we need to focus on too! Bendy Babe is a great way to get a good stretch in with the instructors but also listening to your body and stretching what you need to work on at home if you’re able. 

I recently had a one on one bendy class with an instructor because no one else signed up and they asked what I wanted to work on. At first I was like “I don’t care, we can do whatever” but it wasn’t until we got started and talking that I realized what I needed to work on was my lower half. Really focusing on my hip flexors, quads, calves and lower back. So that’s what we worked on for the whole class and holy cripes did I really need that! It was nice that we did a deep dive into stretching our lower half and trying different stretches for our hip flexors and quads especially.

While I’m sore now the next day, it’s the good kind of being sore where you feel accomplished! I love that feeling of soreness when you know you just killed it the night before. It’s also nice to know that I put in the work to actively work on my flexibility again.It’s something I’ve been ignoring for too long and just kind of stretching on my own when I’m at home. So if I could recommend anything to a new aerialist at Aerial dance – is don’t ignore stretching! Even if you’re naturally flexible or are still kind of flexible because you used to be in dance. It’s something you need to continue to work on no matter your background or age.