Do you ever get frustrated with life? Do you ever feel irritated for no apparent reason?

Here are a few simple things you can do to get out of your funk and bring some joy back into your life:
Step One: Grab some chocolate! Seriously… According to this article chocolate can increase calmness and contentedness. So go grab a piece of your favorite dark chocolate and enjoy!
Step Two: Drink a glass of water. According to this Life Science article, even mild dehydration can cause moodiness and fatigue. I’ll wait here for you while you go refill your water bottle.
Step Three: Take your water bottle and go for a quick walk (or head on over to Aerial if they have an open spot in a class right now). I’ll still be here when you get back. This LiveStrong article summarizes just a few of the many benefits exercise has on our mood.
Step Four: Last time I’ll make you get up I promise! Go grab a piece of paper and a pen. Cozy up with your chocolate and water bottle and write “1,000 Thank Yous” at the top of the page. You may be here awhile so get comfy! Harvard Health published an article on how and why giving thanks can improve your attitude. It’s so easy to take people and the simple things for granted these days. We get so caught up in running around and making all of our appointments in our busy schedules that one wrong thing can throw off our whole day. A kid missing a shoe. A pet who got sick in the living room. A husband who got home from work late. Not enough gas in the car.
Take a few quiet moments here to breathe and just be thankful for all the things that are going right in your life. Maybe you can write down some big ones…
“I’m thankful for my promotion at work.”
“I’m thankful my kid got the lead in the play.”
“I’m thankful my tax return is huge.”
“I’m thankful for my new car.”
While these are all amazing blessings in life, it’s good to be thankful for the little, daily things, too. My list usually looks something more like this:
“I’m thankful for dark chocolate.”
“I’m thankful for clean drinking water.”
“I’m thankful I’m healthy and able to exercise.”
“I’m thankful the car is running.”
“I’m thankful all the bills are paid this month.”
“I’m thankful Charis didn’t have a blowout today.”
“I’m thankful I got the vacuuming done.”
“I’m thankful Luke cooked supper tonight.”
“I’m thankful my Amazon order is here.”
“I’m thankful for Me Time at Pole Class today.”
“I’m thankful for tea and music on stressful days.”
“I’m thankful the weekend starts tomorrow.”
“I’m thankful for a fun outfit for the Student Showcase.”
“I’m thankful for my dance partner for the Student Showcase.”
Find things in life that bring you joy and happiness and focus on those things. Focus on the positives of the stressful situation. You don’t have to fill all 1,000 today. Keep your sheet somewhere you can find it again next time you need to adjust your attitude through gratitude.