Thank you!

As many of you know, student and former Instructor in Training Laura was in terrible car accident. Last Friday, October 5, Aerial Dance in collaboration with Appleton Beer Factory hosted a fundraiser for her. The turn out for the fundraiser was impeccable! Ladies and their families from the studio came out in full force to show support! In the short 2 hour time frame of the fundraiser, Aerial Dance was able to raise a total of $4,906! To me that is beyond incredible. I heard several times throughout the night that people could not believe the amount of people who should up to give their support. It made my heart swell with pride to be part of Aerial Dance community. The amount love shown for our pole sister was beyond compare.

You Are Never Alone

The support demonstrated by this fundraiser is exactly why Aerial Dance is such an AMAZING community! Ladies ranging from being at the studio only a few months to ladies who had been there for years all came out to support one of our pole sisters! Her travels may have taken her away from the studio, but she is still one of our own. That being said, ladies please know that wherever your journey takes you, you are always welcome back home at Aerial Dance. When you enter the Aerial Dance Family, you are not soon forgotten if your journey takes you else where. You are forever in the hearts of the students, instructors, and Paula’s.
In our aerial/pole community you do not have to feel alone. We are here to support you in your time of physical or mental strife. We may not be able to fix what burdens you, but we can help to alleviate some of your pain. Everyone comes to the studio with their own story, their own experiences, their own accomplishments, or their own pain. Aerial Dance is a sanctuary for women to be free of the daily stressors that bind our time. Aerial Dance creates opportunities for you to have fun and enjoy yourself! One exciting event coming up is the Member Play Day!

Girl Time

Member Play Day is a wonderful experience for you to come and relax with your pole/aerial sisters. You have the opportunity to watch the move The Greatest Showman, which is one of my favorites. It is a time learn some fun mini choreographed routines to the beautiful songs throughout the movie. Plus it is an afternoon surround by strong empowering women. I don’t know about you, but with the Christmas Show only two months away I could use a little girl time. This is also a great opportunity for beginners to meet new people and build new friendships!
Until Next Time,