You Never Know Who is Watching

This past week while at the study, I had a “Holy Crap” moment. It was during Aerial Condition (AC) with some ladies I knew and some ladies that are new to the studio. AC is one of my top five favorite classes at the studio. I love it, because each class is different, but is as equally challenging. The instructors plan for many ability types. Each exercise is hand picked for the students who will be in class. Being a teacher this makes my heart soar! A big component in teaching is being able to differentiate for each students’ needs. Our instructors do just that! I never walk away from an AC class feeling like I didn’t get a great workout in.¬†Sorry to get carried away about how wonderful our studio and instructors are, but it is so easy!
Here is where the “Holy Crap” moment comes in. While in AC, we were doing a long circuit, meaning you do the exercise for a whole minute before switching to the next. While going through the motions of class, one of the ladies called out to me, “Hey! Now what weight did you grab?” I was a little baffled by the question, because during classes, it is a chose your own adventure to help you get the best workout for you. I simply replied that I grabbed a 20 pound kettle-bell. After a moment, I asked her why she wanted to know the size of the weight I was using. This next part blew my mind. She told me that she always watches what I use/do while working out so she can try to match/increase her own, because she wanted strength like mine. I was flattered and stunned all at the same time. I hadn’t had a clue she was watching me in that class or in the past.

It Doesn’t Happen Over Night

I have seen this student at the studio from time to time in classes, but I do not know that first thing about her. It absolutely amazes me that I make that much of an impact on her exercise goals. It also made me very aware of the many eyes that are watching as we workout. Inspiration lurks around every corner at the studio. Even on your worst day, you may still be a shinning light in someone else’s.
Ladies who are just starting out, when you see others at the studio who do things that look effortless, are hard, or lifting heavy weights, know that this did not happen over night. It takes time! Lots and lots of time! I have been with the studio for over four and half years. Do I have skills? Yes, I do, but I am not perfect at any one apparatus. I still have so much more growing and learning to do. Just once ask me about my flexibility….. It is the biggest challenge for me, that I am doing my best to work on.
I am beyond proud that I get to be a role model for others at the studio, but I am even more proud that they continue to push themselves to achieve their goals! The community of women that Aerial Dance WI has created continues to be unmatched by any other fitness facility/studio. Keep up your hard work ladies! It all pays off in the end!
Until Next Time,