Many of our members start taking their first class with a friend. That is awesome for those lucky women who have a friend willing to try something new with them. I was not so lucky. I couldn’t talk any of my friend into making the drive to Appleton (the Green Bay studio didn’t exist…) to try pole dancing with me. So I went alone. And I loved it anyway – all by myself. I made an amazing group of new friends in my classes in no time at all!

After I became an instructor, I started to pay attention to who signed up after intro classes. It was rare for friends to sign up without each other. I heard this a lot “But my friend isn’t able to”. So what??? I know we all want that comfort of someone familiar to be with. But if they aren’t there, you’ll make new friends! Our community at Aerial Dance is an AMAZING place to do that. Our classes are filled with other interesting, adult women that you already have something unique in common with!

Ladies – have a friend who wants to take class with you? Awesome! No takers in your current circle? Awesome! Come make some new friends doing something amazing.