Hello My Fellow Aerial Artists!
We are closing in on a full week after the Christmas Show, ūüôĀ ¬†I can’t believe that it is already over!!!! The show was absolutely amazing! The routines were on point and the audience was amazed. The day went by incredible fast! It was almost too fast. We began our day with dress rehearsals, then hair and makeup, and ¬†tried to eat lunch some where in between. With all the pre-show jitters it was hard to sit still.
With it being my first year in the Christmas Show I opted to have my makeup done professionally. This was the best decision that I could have made!!!!! If you are thinking about it for next year, I think it is a must! ¬†The ladies that Aerial Dance hires to do makeup are phenomenal! I would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat! My makeup was very dramatic, but it was perfect for our dance routine of Jukebox Hero/I Love Rock and Roll. I wanted dramatic eyes and big 80’s hair! I was astonished by the end results!¬†It was the most makeup I have ever worn, but boy did it help boost my confidence for the day! I have to give a huge shout out to my soon to be sister in law, who hooked me up with Younique Sultry Lip Stain! That is how I came to have sassy red lips. I am not a lipstick or lip stain wearer on a daily basis, so I do not own any of my own. Thankfully she was able to come to my rescue! It really pulled my whole look together!
I was so happy to be able to share the experience of the Christmas Show with my close friends and family. My parents were right up front and center! During my performance I tried to look for them, but the stage lights are a little blinding! It felt really great to have own little fan club out in the audience cheering me on. In attendance I had 14 people come!!!!! My family and friends have been a tremendous support for me during my pole journey! I was only able to get a picture with my parents and some of my siblings as the rest of my fan club had to rush off to other holiday events!
Each person that I had attend the event were left speechless! They couldn’t believe their eyes! My dad was the first to say that he was extremely impressed with the amount of strength and determination that it took for each women to get up on that stage and perform. My brothers were even making comments about how they don’t have the strength to attempt some of the moves these ladies were performing. My family and friends were really excited to see what the instructors had planned for their solo performances and boy did they not disappoint! ¬†It really showcased their hard work and strength! It also made my parents feel more reassured that yes I am safe at Aerial Dance. They also received a better understanding of why I always have so many bruises.
I just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t recognize the amazing ladies in my routine! I was blessed to work with five beautiful and caring ladies! Our friendships grew stronger and we became closer! We all put forth our best effort and it showed in our routine. We practiced for countless hours and we were super proud of our finished product.



The Christmas Show was a wonderful experience! If you were on the fence about performing this year, and didn’t, DO IT NEXT YEAR!!!! You will not regret your choice.
Now that the show is done, I have found myself in a kind of withdrawal stage. The past few months I have been so focused practicing for the Christmas Show that it has created a small void in my life. I am almost at a loss for what to do. It is sad to think that I will not be seeing the incredible ladies I danced with regularly. We all will go back to our regular schedule classes.  Thankfully, Aerial has plenty of other classes planned to keep everyone busy over the holiday break.
There are some pretty awesome workshops that benefit Instructor Kelly who is participating in the Red Cross’s Dancing with the Stars! These workshops will be happening in the following weeks. I am extremely interested in the Battle of Sexes, co-ed fit class. I am currently looking for a male friend to take it with me. I think it could be fun to have some competition. Also the Santa Baby Chair Workshop is happening this Saturday!!!! Check out Aerial Dance’s website for more information!
The Christmas Show was a truly extraordinary experience. I am so happy that I made the decision to perform!
Have a great weekend! Stay warm and travel safe in the snow!